I can not emphasize enough how critical it is for an agent to be working with a seasoned broker of the very highest quality. Adam has the depth of knowledge, the experience, plus the temperament needed to ensure absolute excellence in broker support. On top of that the business model of the brokerage is superior to the typical models found elsewhere. Adam has created a culture of fair, honest, non-pretentious and straight forward business. The natural outcome is well balanced long term client centered success and growth. I am very grateful to be a part of The Turtlestone Group team
— Michael Saeltzer, Agent
The Turtlestone group is just what I was looking for. After working with several larger companies in the beginning of my real estate career and learning the tools of the trade, I desired to have more freedom to be creative in my business. I then found out about The Turtlestone Group. With the super low flat rate fee per transaction and freedom to “be my own boss” which was my original attraction to Real Estate, I felt right at home. It especially paid off when I teamed up with another agent and at the end of transaction I am still making a check resembling the big companies when I worked solo. It just makes sense!
— Guy Pierce, Agent
Working under Turtlestone Group is a perfect fit for me. They have been responsive whenever I had questions or concerns. Closing transactions have been a breeze. Working independently while having support available is exactly what I have been looking for in a realty company, without paying exorbitant fees.
— Samuel Chang, Agent
It’s great being associated with and The Turtlestone Group. They are honest, above board, and always there when you need them.
A big “Thank You” to The Turtlestone Group!
— Rodger Gibson, Agent
I recently joined The Turtlestone Group and I have had a great experience so far! I have closed two listings in the last month and I was a little scared of the unknown at first. However everything went smooth and the processes that they have in place work great. The communication with Adam and the other members of Turtlestone made my whole transition to a new broker the best experience, I could have hoped for! I have been with several larger brokers and I have had to jump through so many hoops before I could either get the correct information or have someone respond. I highly recommend The Turtlestone Group because they treat you more like a family then a number and are very responsive understanding that we are all busy and working hard.
— Tonya Collier, Agent
My initial thought of joining The Turtlestone Group was that I didn’t have to answer to any kind of quota. I work my own schedule and Adam has allowed me to develop at my own pace. He is there when needed and the rest is up to me.
— Christian Pien, Agent
I’ve been with The Turtlestone group for a year and half now. At the end of 2013 my broker closed their doors and I had to find a new broker. I started thinking about becoming a broker, but then I came across Turtlestone. When I first emailed them and went to their website it was exciting. A 100% commission broker with only a fee of $37 a month. Honestly, I did not like the $37 a month, but I told my self lets give it a try until I finish my own broker license. Just after the first two transactions, I realized that this was a perfect match for me. I started wondering why I was paying my broker 20% of my hard earned money all this time. Last year with Turtlestone I saved thousands of dollars. This year I am on my way to being a top 5 agent in Sacramento for investment properties. Anyone, who has closed more than 15 to 20 transactions should join TurtleStone. Ask your self a question, what is your broker doing for you? If you need someone to cheer you up, pay me 5% of your commission and I will tell you how great you are doing. Here is what you will need. Invest in a good copier/scanner. I bought the good quality brother scanner. Then sign up with docusign.net and you will be good to go.
— Akhtar Khan, Agent
Working with The Turtlestone Group has definitely been the best business decision I’ve made in my 19 years as a sales agent! Changing offices was seamless and well thought out. I had my game plan rolling in no time at all! I really am my own boss:) When working with other companies I always felt a little held back. Thank you Turtlestone Group!
— Andrea Nowak, Agent
I have been in real estate since 1994 as a part time agent.
Of all the offices that I have been associated with,
The Turtlestone Group has been the best. Besides the 100% commission which is excellent, the low contribution we make to be a part to the office is nice.My broker has never pushed me to produce, other brokers do.
— Xavier Gomez, Agent
Turtlestone is amazing! If you like to just go out and sell Real Estate - without all the hassles of desk time, endless meetings, and all of that - then this is a great place for you! Simple- Easy- Done!
— Laurie Rogers, Agent
I joined The Turtlestone Group Corp. just this year. I want to thank Adam and his team for providing a “home” for those of us who approach doing our Real Estate business in our own way. I love having the option of running my business from my Home Office and managing my own expenses. Whether we do two, five or 25 transactions we get to keep our hard-earned commissions paying only a small monthly fee and a very reasonable per-transaction fee for our sales to our Broker. Adam and Caroline have been very helpful as I got started with them. The support and guidance when needed, is readily available. I had been considering getting my Broker license but seem to have found a place where I am happy and I may not need to take that step.
— Bonnie White, Agent
I just closed my first real estate deal under The Turtlestone Group. I am very pleased with how smooth the whole process went. I found Caroline, the Transaction Coordinator/Office Manager, to be very efficient also. Of course the commission check was exciting too!
— Valerie Weston, Agent